SEESHEEN participated in WCE,Paris

2019-01-17 admin 253

     In Sep. 20~23, 2019, SEESHEEN participated in the 36th WCE (World congress of Endourology) in Paris and exhibited the latest product, a Ureter-socpe, with 8.5Fr out-diameter and 3.6Fr working channel. Benefit from the LED lighting technology, it is more durable comparing with fiber-scopes. The integrated image processor design makes it portable and compatable to the third parties screens.

     As the pioneer of portable slim medical endoscope, SEESHEEN product changed the traditional impression about endoscopes by the special design concept.1538963174545286.jpg

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     Thanks for doctors’ recognition, SEESHEEN will focus on slim medical endoscope to make the endoscopy solutions to be more accessible and affordable.

     For more information ,please visit SEESHEEN website at